A Home-Grown Stroke Application

I just learned that our own Ahsan Sattar has helped develop an iOS application for cerebrovascular disease–think MDCalc for stroke and neurointervention. He’s looking for feedback and I already provided some about the TICI scale. I thought I’d put it out there for our community to review and make suggestions, or to just congratulate Ahsan for doing something cool.

Here’s a link to the webpage–you’ll need to download the (free) app from the iTunes store to actually try it. You can leave comments here for Ahsan to review.

About Justin A. Sattin

I'm a vascular neurologist and residency program director. I created this blog in order to share some thoughts with my resident and other colleagues, and to foster my own learning as well.
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2 Responses to A Home-Grown Stroke Application

  1. Khalid says:

    first Congrat Ahsan …. Keep it up bro ..
    i did review the application , its cool because it does keep all the scores we use in the neuro ICU and in stroke in one place which is cool ….

    Few suggestions :

    – for ICH : one very important score you are missing which is the FUNC score developed by MGH, which is now used more than the ICH score , because a lot of people using the ICH at the onset of ictus and they are giving false informations to patient family to predict prognosis , which is really not what the ICH score was developed for especially in retrospect the most important factor for mortality in ICH was withdrawal of care while the FUNC score give you functional out come and mortality with and without withdrawal of care which is more important for patients and patient families so i do highly recommend to add the FUNC score .

    – also for ICH its important to add the formula to calculate the ICH volume which is also needed for the FUNC score , which is also important number to manage patients with ICH . the formula is known as ABC/2.

    – one other thing to consider again for ICH is to calculate the dose for FFP to reverse INR .

    good luck Ahsan ,

  2. Ahsan Sattar says:

    Thanks Khalid for your feedback. We are actually considering adding the FUNC store in the next update.



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