Autoimmune Encephalitides

Kevin gave us a superb follow-up today on a patient with NMDA receptor encephalitis and called to our attention a recent NPR segment about a journalist who had the condition.

Here’s a very good review article on encephalitides associated with antibodies to synaptic and cell surface proteins. One of the main points here is that there are fundamentally two kinds of antibody-associated encephalitis: Paraneoplastic syndromes associated with antibodies against intracellular antigens, such as anti- Hu, CRMP5, Ma2, and amphiphysin, and syndromes, sometimes but often not paraneoplastic, associated with antibodies against cell surface antigens such as anti- VGKC, NMDA, AMPA, and GABAB. It is the latter category that has garnered much recent attention and, per Lancaster et al. is much more common.

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