Brain Death Resources

In light of the documented variability in the conduct of brain death evaluations around the country, and the ultra-high stakes, it’s extremely important for residents to know how to do this correctly. I recently became aware of a brain death toolkit published by the neurocritical care society; I added a link to it in Clinical Neurology Resources–>Neurocritical Care in the menu above. The toolkit has lots of helpful information, including links to the relevant guidelines, webinars, simulated video demonstrations, and an online training course developed by the Cleveland Clinic. This course requires a free registration and it’s very good; I highly recommend it. At the least, take the pre-test; if you struggle at all with those questions, they  you should definitely proceed with the course . . .

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I’m a vascular neurologist and residency program director. I created this blog in order to share some thoughts with my resident and other colleagues, and to foster my own learning as well.

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