Comprehensive Stroke Center

For those who haven’t heard, we learned on Thursday that we’ve received Joint Commission certification as a  comprehensive stroke center.

The residents deserve a lot of the credit for this. Even though we have an army of people working on the systems aspects of our certifications (here’s an article that describes a little bit about the intensity of the process), it is you who provide so much of the in-the-trenches care that matters most to our patients and families.

Because practice-based learning and improvement and systems-based practice are two of the ACGME core competencies, and because resident participation in quality improvement is a major focus of the ACGME right now, I will over the course of the year try to provide more opportunities for you to be involved in our ongoing work. There’s still much to do!

About Justin A. Sattin

I'm a vascular neurologist and residency program director. I created this blog in order to share some thoughts with my resident and other colleagues, and to foster my own learning as well.
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