Some Good Reads

Smitha, Lee, and I were discussing health care costs while waiting for journal club to start. Here’s a very good article that recently appeared in Time Magazine that has garnered a lot of attention. (Warning: It’s long!)

As you can see from the RSS feeds over on the right, I follow Dr. Robert Wachter’s blog, Wachter’s World. His latest post is an interesting take on curbside consults. Basically, everyone hates them except that we probably couldn’t do without them. Imagine a world where every conversation you have must be conducted in the context of a formal, fully-documented and billed consultation.

And via Dr. Wachter, I encountered this gem of an article on the resident duty hour restrictions. The authors argue that the real problem is workload compression rather than duty hours per se. We need more residents!

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I'm a vascular neurologist and residency program director. I created this blog in order to share some thoughts with my resident and other colleagues, and to foster my own learning as well.
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