Some Other Neuro-Educational Resources

While we’re at it, here’s a few other helpful websites:

The Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library has lots of materials on that subject. The home page isn’t very helpful, as the site is organized by “collections” according to the (sometimes eminent) person who contributed the material. It’s more useful to just search for something among all of the collections.

The materials include audio recordings, videos, journal articles, etc. I think that for neuro-ophthalmology, the videos are most helpful. After all, we’ll use an online journal or PubMed to find written materials. Following is a screenshot of my search for “skew”, filtered by video. 32 videos came up, not all completely on point, but still a great haul as compared to a Google search (click on the image below to go to the highlighted page):

NOVEL Screen Shot


The Neuromuscular Disease Center at Washington University has a really good website as well. Their homepage is more helpful, allowing one to click on broad categories of disorder, labs, etc. Here’s a screen shot, which is also an active link:

Neuromuscular Disease Center


Another one I have bookmarked (but admittedly don’t use very often) is this dermatology atlas. For those on pediatric neurology rotations (or preparing for the RITE), it might be helpful to be able to quickly find a bunch of examples of various conditions. Here’s a screen shot from a search for “livedo” (as in livedo reticularis, seen in various vasculitides and the stroke syndrome known as Sneddon’s):

Derm Atlas

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