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Question: An 8 year-old girl presents with cognitive delay and incoordination. What is the diagnosis? See below for the answer. It goes without saying that neurologists must learn to interpret radiographic images; residents look at so many CTs and MRIs … Continue reading

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The PICO Method and Endovascular Stroke Trials

Update 9/21/2017: I’ve noticed that this post is one of the blog’s most-read–not just at the time it was written, but even yesterday 5 people clicked on it. I feel compelled to attach this little update to inform readers that … Continue reading

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Acute Endovascular Stroke Treatment

First, sorry for the extended silence. The holidays, a very busy stroke service, illness, and most recently a vacation (a real one–not an International Stroke Conference quasi-vacation) combined to put blogging on the back burner. Now that news from ISC is … Continue reading

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Endovascular Recanalization of Tandem Carotid and MCA Occlusions

Another thing that came up in conference recently was whether, in the case of acute carotid and tandem M1 occlusions, it might be advisable to attempt recanalization via the non-occluded carotid. The rationale was that tunneling through the the occluded … Continue reading

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