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Involve the Palliative Care Team Early

Here’s a sad story about a family’s struggle with their young son’s fatal ordeal with New Onset Refractory Status Epilepticus (NORSE). NORSE is basically super-refractory status absent an obvious precipitating injury such as encephalitis. The main theme in this account is … Continue reading

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Medical Cannabis

Welcome to our new residents and new subscribers–our tiny community grew by 3 people this past week–a record! Medical cannabis1I use the term “cannabis” instead of “marijuana” because of the latter’s xenophobic and racist associations. might seem to be an odd … Continue reading

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Jahi McMath and the Philosophical Debate over Brain Death

Many readers will be familiar with the case of Jahi McMath. She was 13 years old in December, 2013 when admitted to a children’s hospital in Oakland, CA for tonsillectomy and other surgical interventions for obstructive sleep apnea. She recovered … Continue reading

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Therapeutic Palliation

Should we feel embarrassed if a patient transitions to the palliative care service but then makes a good recovery? This has happened on the stroke service. Composite case: An elderly man presents to his community hospital with a right MCA stroke … Continue reading

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